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About Us

Dynasty Jewels managing director Stephen Perry has been in the jewellery business for 35 years, which ensures our shop to be equipped and designed through much experience and love for the jewellery trade. 

Stephen's passion for jewellery stems back from 1975, at the mere age of 15, as he enrolled himself in Redbridge College for a year to study jewellery making. This year of intense studying led him in 1976 to be placed with H.L.STANDER LTD, in which he carried out a five-year apprenticeship. During this period, Stephen learnt the basic skills of jewellery making, such as; repairs, sizing and polishing. Stephen's dedication for jewellery then led him to Martin Cass in 1978 for two years, where his knowledge and skills was exceedingly extended, as he continued his hands on learning of jewellery making. By 1980 Stephen had mastered the process of creating jewellery pieces, such as; diamond rings, pendants and earrings. Stephen concluded his jewellery education from 1980-1982, as he worked for W.A.M jewellery, finishing his skills in the art of jewellery making, having made jewellery for a variety of people, including; celebrities, ministers and royalty. 

Stephens first independent move was in 1982, as he set up a busy and organised workshop in Hatton Garden, where he employed four members of staff and many apprentices to share his exceptional skills of jewellery making. This position enabled Stephen to supply jewellery to not only shops in Hatton Garden but around England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The success of the workshop gave Stephen the opportunity to open up his own jewellery shop in 1994, Dynasty Jewels. This shop takes pride in selling a diversity of diamond jewellery, such as; engagement rings, diamond set wedding bands, plain wedding bands and diamond earrings. Dynasty jewels illustrates its dedication for jewellery by having an on-site workshop that deals with repairs, polishes and all type of undertakings. 

Stephen demonstrates his passion for jewellery, as you can find him in the shop most days, offering his advice on all matters jewellery related. You can find the most trusted advice with us, as Stephen's career displays that jewellery is his forte and it gives him great pleasure to use his knowledge to help his customers. 

Dynasty Jewels is positioned in the core of Hatton Garden where the owner and staff are always ready and willing to help you find your desired choice of jewellery. 
Dynasty Jewels is a leading independent jeweller, providing a dedicated customer service, selling certified diamonds, which gives you trust and confidence in your purchase.